iMatter for Kids Motto is:

• Be Kind
• Be True
• Be "Greatful"
• Be YOU!

This motto is already inspiring kids to create balanced lives that are centered on being happy, whole and healthy. iMatter for Kids does this through fun, creative and safe programs that promote responsibility, leadership, creativity and accountability.



Congratulations to iMatter for Kids being awarded the Promising Practices award!  CEP is proud to partner with innovative educators who strive to bring character education to life for their students in unique ways.  Click on the badge to see iMatter for Kids and other selected schools and organizations.


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Do you remember the first time you knew you mattered?

Not simply that someone, like a teacher, parent or friend, told you, but that you knew, deep inside, that you and your life mattered? For children, this moment of awareness can be the most defining development of their young lives, and can shape the paths they take, the relationships they form and their inherent self-worth. 

Founded on the principles of the iMatter™ program, iMatter for Kids™ is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization established to help kids realize they matter.  

iMatter for Kids is implementing a character education program in the Birmingham Public Schools.  The first school utilizing this program is Pierce Elementary.  The goal is to roll the program out to multiple schools over the next five years.  The program includes mentoring sessions and family workshops.

Our Mission

The mission of iMatter for Kids is simply stated by our motto - “Be Kind, Be True, Be ‘Greatful’, Be You!”  We help build a positive culture in schools and communities using programs which inspire and prepare young people to succeed through life skills programs and mentoring relationships that focus on character values identification and goal setting through fun structured activities.